‘Love failure kills interest in studies’

Express News Service

First Published : 10 Sep 2010 04:14:49 AM IST

Last Updated : 10 Sep 2010 10:15:47 AM IST

CHENNAI: A survey conducted by city-based Velicham Students, an NGO working with first-generation students pursuing higher education, has found that 54 per cent of students are losing interest in studies due to love failure.

It also found that about 15 per cent students are losing interest in pursuing education because of lack of English knowledge and inferiority complex.

The respondents comprised around 21,000 students and their parents. The NGO’s activists toured the State for 55 days to interview the respondents.

Speaking to Express, C Anandakumar, State coordinator of Velicham, said: “Our team of 25 college students visited several parts of the State and compiled the report based on a questionnaire on the problems faced by students in pursuing higher education.”

“Besides conducting the survey, we organised awareness programmes using street-corner dramas and posters on the importance of education, particularly for first-generation learners,” Anandakumar added.

In the process, “we found that an major communication gap has cropped up between students and their parents, which affects their mentality and ambitions in their life,” he claimed.



3 comments on “‘Love failure kills interest in studies’

  1. To everyone in Velicham,

    hearty congradulations ,

    your honesty , hard work and social concern will definitely pay you a rich dividend in your mission for the social transformation . welfare and rehabilitation measures are essential componants for the depressed classes, but social transformation is the key with which every child in the country will realise its right to full human development and ensured with a life with dignity.

    time is changing .
    you will reach your goals faster

    i will stand with you for ever with all my possible might

    with warm wishes to abundant success…


    MAARGA Bangalore

  2. We can arange awareness prog. reg. the concern subject in various part of TN.

  3. hearty congurlation……

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